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Payday Advance Loans

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It is when one is low on money that everything always seems to go wrong. It is during that time that a random bill is going to show up in the mail; the air conditioner will stop working; some car part will malfunction and need immediate replacement, or even a relative will end up in hospital and the insurance will have run out. There is no end to the problems that one can face when the funds are low. In such instances, applying for the payday advance loans can make a huge difference in the person’s life.

The most attractive feature of the payday advance loans is that they have a very short processing time. The borrower gets to know if they will be getting the requested funds within minutes of applying for the payday loan. The person needs not wait for days on end before being informed if the loan is approved or not, as is the case with the bank loans. With the payday loans, the money is sent directly to the borrower’s account as soon as the loan is approved. This difference makes the payday loans the best option when facing emergencies, because they help the borrower to solve the matters at hand in time and without much hassle.

What it Takes to Qualify For Payday Advance Loans

Before a borrower can receive the payday advance loans, the person has to meet the set requirements in order to qualify for the payday loan. All borrowers in Canada must comply with five conditions.

  1. The borrower must be at least nineteen years of age. The payday loans are not accessible to children and this age limit is given so that the payday loan company can be sure that the borrower is mature enough to understand the responsibility involved with taking a payday loan.
  2. It is required that the borrower be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  3. The payday advance loans are given against the borrower’s next salary. It is therefore required for the borrower to be in employments and to have had the job for at least two months.
  4. The person must have a checking bank account. It is on this account that the payday loan lenders will send the money once the payday loan request has been approved. It is also through the same checking account that the payday loan lenders will lay claim on the money owed to them once the borrower’s paycheck is deposited into the account.
  5. The borrower will be required to have a phone number through which the payday lenders can establish contact.

As long as a borrower satisfies all the aforementioned conditions, the person should have an easy time getting the payday loan. Payday advance loans are normally within the borrower’s reach in less than 24 hours thus making them ideal in times of emergencies. On top of that, the interest rates that are charged on them is fair and affordable to the borrower. The payday loans are given for short-term purposes and for that, reason the interest rate is may seem like it is high even when it is not.

The repayment process is made even simpler and more transparent by the fact that the payday loan lenders inform the borrower of the amount of money that they will be expected to pay back. This ensures that the borrower is fully aware from the very beginning of the total amount of debt. The payday advance loans have no hidden costs; the borrower gets to pay back exactly what they had agreed upon with the payday loan lending company.